Folksy Friday: Recycled Paper

Here's a little collection I have curated for your viewing of recycled paper items made by folksy folk.  I just love the idea of upcycling the things that we would usually put in the recycling bin.  I have a bit of an obsession with maps.  I used to do mountain walking before having children, and would spend days poring over maps, planning my route, imagining the landscape and reading them as if they were a good book telling a story in 3D.  I would be tempted to imagine the landscapes in the paper garland and butterfly card but they would be more like a 3D (very) short story.  What an ingenious idea by Nant designs, to bring an old Paxo stuffing box to life again as a note book.  I did something similar for my daughters birthday party with cereal boxes but used the inside of the box as the outside of the book cover and let them design their own covers using printing blocks.  Fancy chopping up a Beano for garlands!  But I quite like the idea.  I may have to get some of these to decorate my son's bedroom though  I will have to watch he doesn't do himself an injury trying to read them!
Large image
Paper garland - recycled map
by Bookity

Large image
Recycled 'Paxo' bos
by Nant Designs

Large image
victorian butterfly case recycled card
by Ethel and Iris

Large image
Recycled comic paperchain
by Lucie Kate & Hazey Jane


  1. Great postings
    If you like my recycled 'Paxo' box book you might like to see my other books, lots of which are shown on

    and also my fine art prints on my own website

    I like your idea for a birthday party activity - sounds great fun

    JEAN X

  3. Lovely choices - I just love Bookity's stuff x

  4. As a fellow re-user of paper I am loving this collection of finds :D

    Yay for recycling!

  5. So lovely to hear from others who are passionate about recycling.


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