My fascination with paper continues

I keep stumbling upon things made from paper.  So much paper is sent for recycling from our household.  My feeling is that there is rather alot of unwanted packaging around things I buy from the supermarket.  I'm not bothered that my cornflakes should be in a cardboard box but, I suppose there are many who would object to not having their cornflakes in a shiney box with words on, especially the advertisers.  My children will often forage through our recycling to make things out of boxes and paper.  They're really rather creative in their designs and I like to allow them the freedom to make choices about what they create. 

I have recently come across this artist called Susan Benarcik, an installation artist based in New York who makes these wonderful paper installations amongst other beautiful works of art incorporating paper. I love that she has taken a simple object such is paper and transformed them into something so beautiful.   I hope you enjoy viewing her work as much as I do!

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  1. They are amazing! Wow! :)

    Thanks for following my blog!

  2. Ok, Lisa you've inspired me. Going to get creative with the draft copies of my PhD thesis over the Easter break. Will post pics (unless they are embarrassingly bad!)

  3. Thanks everyone. She certainly is a very talented artist and GavW I will feature your thesis art when it is done!


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