Scarf making and more

The past month I have been a busy bee making and creating.  My main focus has been on the recycled using old garments and items and bits of scrap fabric to make it in to something completely new.  This bag was made from an old cot blanket that I felted and finished off with a vintage linen and hand embroidered tray cloth.  I hand embroidered the bag handle but have since discovered that the linen alone is not robust enough and will eventually fray.  Next time I shall make it will a fabric backing to make it sturdier.

I did get round to making a couple of scarves inspired by a previous post.  These were made from fabrics designed by Amy Butler et al and backed with a very expensive pink woolen fabric (not recycled) and finished with Nottingham lace.  I am rather pleased with my first attempts. Normally my scrap fabrics get consigned to a box for the children to plunder and they eventually end up in the bin.  I am now being a bit careful about what I let them have.
These pictures don't really do them much justice. I just need to start selling things so that I can get myself an all singing all dancing new camera.


  1. Lovely idea to re-use a baby blanket and embroidered tray cloth.
    Lovely blog too


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