Kantha Embroidery

Kantha is a form of embroidery that originates in Southeast Asia. Like Japanese Boro, layers of reused fabric, often saris, are stacked together and stitched by hand to create a cushioned piece of fabric that is reminiscent of a quilt.

In the film below we show the basics of the Kantha technique and ideas for making items with your stitched cloth such as mats, cushion covers or scarves. Take a look around your home and in your wardrobe for pieces of material that can be reused for your Kantha embroidery.

Click above image to see 'how to' video

You will need the following for this activity:
  • Base layer: plain cotton fabric - old bedsheets are ideal - cut to 125 x 20cm for a scarf or 45 x 30cm for a placemat or 35 x 35cm for a cushion cover or 11 x 11cm for a cup coaster
  • Decorative layers: Selection of patterned/coloured fabrics - look out for bedsheets, pillowcases, shirts, blouses etc
  • Sewing kit - needle, pins and brightly coloured sewing thread (don't worry if you don't have bright colours though)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery thread.
  • Thimble*
  • Glue stick*
  • Ruler and chalk*

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