Turmeric Canary : with Special Guest Sarah Corbett Founder, Craftivist Collective

This week we welcomed special guest Sarah Corbett the founder of the Craftivist Collective, a social enterprise to help people deliver strategic and compassionate campaigning using craft in her unique approach called “Gentle Protest”.

This session was specifically aimed at UK based creative crafters who are worried about global warming and not already part of an activism group.
This summer the Craftivist Collective is running a project called Canary Craftivist that centres on sending a small handmade canary gift to your elected representative the first week of September after their summer recess. The canaries will be thought-provoking gentle reminder for them to do more for our world’s welfare and ask the to be bolder in its climate commitments, in the run-up to the UK hosting the UN Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow this November.
We were delighted to support this action and, in the film below, show you how to make a canary from scraps of materials, easily found around the home, that is thoughtfully hand stitched and coloured with a natural dye made from turmeric, the spice that gives curry its yellow colour.

Why Yellow Canaries?
Canaries used to accompany coal miners into the mines and give warning signals when the air was too toxic to work in. Just as canaries were effective warning signs then, this Gentle Protest will be a kind, encouraging warning to help nature, wildlife and humans flourish before it’s too late.
To find our more about this project, and for free canary patterns, check out the Canary Craftivist on the Craftivist Collective website.
Also, download free pattern, like the one in the above 'how to' video, available on our website.