Paper Making with Botanicals

Find out about the art of papermaking, recycling unwanted junkmail, paper and card, and incorporate botanicals and other items found around the home. You can use your finished paper as pages for sketchbooks, gift tags, or as plantable seed papers - ideal for greeting cards.

Click HERE to see 'how to' video

In the recording, of our live event, above we show how to prepare paper pulp and how to make a mesh and deckle to shape the paper. If you'd like to have a go gather the following things together:

  • x2 identical wooden frames or a margarine tub or similar
  • Wire mesh (if using a wooden frame) or net curtain or other loose woven mesh
  • Junk mail/magazines/egg boxes
  • 250 - 300mil jam jar or other container
  • A large plastic tub
  • A towel or absorbent cloth
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Cotton cloths cut into approx. 30x30cm (or larger) squares
  • Petal/flowers (preferably pressed but not essential)/wild flower seeds
  • Electric hand blender*
  • Rolling pin*
  • Thin foam*

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