Decorative Dragonflies

Learn how to make beautiful dragonflies from upcycled tomato puree tubes.
In the video (click picture) we show you how to magically transform a used tube of tomato puree into a beautiful pair of embossed dragonfly wings, how to make a body from beads and wire and attach the wings. The completed piece can be used as a hanging for your garden or window.

Click on the image above to see how to make the dragonflies

Depending upon where you live, tomato puree tubes may or may not be accepted for recycling, you can also use a drinks or soda can for this activity.  This is one great way to reuse waste materials to make something delightful. 

You will need theses items for this activity: 

  • An empty tomato puree tube or similar item
  • Dragonfly wings template - available here
  • Card - a cereal box will be ideal
  • Fuse or florist wire
  • Scissors (not your best ones)
  • Selection of beads
  • Pen or pointed implement such as a knitting needle
  • Sandpaper*
  • Acrylic paint*
  • Small paint brush*

If you don't have any of the materials to hand we have a small number of kits for sale on our website.

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