Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Do You Like My Furry One?

Wow, what a lovely morning.  Craft feels like a direct link to my soul and the expression of myself; a challenge for anyone finding out who they are.

It's been a time of reflection for me, making my Ojo de Dios (God's Eye), remembering the early years with my children and the colours they loved and those colours which have reflected my depression, anxiety and, in turn, the discovery of me.  I surrounded mine with the darkness of black which encompasses the whole range of colours which have represented my time with my children and, at each point, surrounded by my love for them.
Although I've had some lovely responses to these blog entries, Friday mornings are not about me (although it is about me, for me). Fridays are about all those who attend and their self discovery/time. 

A few thoughts have passed through my head this morning during my time of reflection:

Drink water (look after yourself)

Patience is a virtue I have to practise

Be still and feel love, I am blessed by those in my life.

The Ojo I feel was the Mexican's communal (coming together to create and support), spiritual, soulful time to understand that which is beyond our understanding i.e. everything that has to happen to create a human life (serendipity/kismet), which is beyond our understanding.

The Furry One!

Be love and give love.

When you're angry, don't take it out on others, search in yourself for the reason and be angry at that.

The ultimate challenge is this; tearing yourself away from your thoughts and 'relaxedness' to go to the loo, remember to drink your drink and don't forget the biscuits.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Perhaps it's rolling around in the debris of the car...

Wow, what lovely comments I've had about last week's blog.  I hope I can live up to it again.  I used the  paper I made last week to wrap my sister and niece's birthday presents, it was a lovely feeling.
There's a real sense of peace in the room today, with some people yawning away from a broken nights sleep and others immersing themselves in their designing.  The room is so organised with fabulous pockets of people's creativity; I'd live here if I could.     
We took the potato printing from paper to fabric this week, so next week we can make something or embellish what we've done here.  (Personally my house and head is so chaotic at home, I'll never get it done there)

Don't worry if you haven't been here, to our Revive session, this week and would like to join us next, because there is another project to do, a woven dangly thingy, to be named at a later date. Ooo we've just found the name: Ojo de Dios.  
Cutting out the potato was more enjoyable for me this week because we'd done it before and I felt more relaxed with the possibility of getting it wrong, and actually FYI - here nothing is wrong, it's just an different kind of expression of creativity.


Lisa always brings out beautiful books to take inspiration from.  Wherever your head is (perhaps it's rolling around in the debris of the car...) bring it along and get to know yourself some more.  Personally I love it.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Little Bird SOS retail therapy!

Little Bird SOS has now expanded to accommodate a shop within their space in Room 105 at Greenacres.  It's generally open whenever we have a session running, though you'll frequently be able to catch us at other times, often when there's special events happening at the Great Central Railway.  Feel free to Contact Us if you'd like to make sure we're ready for you.

We sell gifts, cards, jewellery and other items made from recycled and natural resources.  We very rarely buy anything brand new to make items from and we respond to the things we acquire along the way, often by donation.  We do have some a favourite lines though, such as our felted flowers and saree corsages.

We also sell wool in our shop - we have a good supply so if you're starting a project we might have what you need.

When you buy something from us you get not only a beautifully hand crafted item (or item to be!), you also help out your local community.  All profits go towards meeting our social aims.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Bra's & Knickers!

Our blog has been much neglected lately and when I mentioned it to Danae, one of our Revive (Arts and craft group for health and wellbeing) session participants, she kindly offered to help contribute.  This is what happened in last weeks session, as told by Danae, in her own words...

My head started really fuzzy and foggy this morning, from crying all day yesterday along with panic attacks, so a Little Bird SOS group is my Friday treat and a long awaited time out to meet myself.  It's so lovely to come along here, with the birds singing and the distant cars journeying along with their owners inside of them.
As I sit here gathering my thoughts and trying to ground myself, people around me are talking about what they've caught on TV and, whilst my difficulties are around mental health, there are others with physical difficulties too.  I can't join in the conversation at the moment but it's good to be amongst those who can and that's where the title comes from for this blog, hehe.
I'm sitting here typing this straight after the group has finished and Debbie is making a cup of coffee while Lisa busies herself tidying and preparing for the next session.
The session started off, as always, with Lisa explaining what were about to do, with a little story/history of it too.  One day I'll video her for you, she's inspirational...

Although this can be thought of as a childlike activity, by doing something so simple it can allow you to explore your inner designer and perhaps reflect on your childhood experiences, which can be quite emotional for some (and that's where Lisa steps into her natural abilities to nurture and encourage).
I've got to be honest, personally I like a Friday mornings because the Thursday group have already designed something and they can be quite inspirational, as well as the gorgeous examples made by Jenny and Clare.
So at the end of the session, I feel better in myself, that I've achieved something today and it gives me the feeling that I will achieve something else later too.  Yesterday was a write off but that's history and for today, at Little Bird SOS, I've been living in the present.
PS.  If you're wondering what the title is about, the Great British Sewing Bee (which came up in conversation at the beginning of the session) had a recent task of making bras and there is a course in Castle Donington to make your own knickers, should you wish to do so...

Yarnstorming & crafts at NGS Open Gardens, Loughborough

We'd like to say thank you very much to  Janet Currie and Pete Mosley who kindly invited Little Bird SOS to take up temporary residence in their beautiful house and garden in Loughborough, Leicestershire this weekend.   Janet had very kindly invited us to display our handmade items for sale, and Pete has long been a supporter of Little Bird SOS, dishing out carefully considered advice to Lisa and trusting me to review his book, The Art of Shouting Quietly.

Their expertly tended garden was open as part of the National Garden Society Open Gardens Scheme.  A few days ahead of the event Lisa and I spent a happy evening installing a wrap for their tree, which went smoothly thanks to Janet supplying the most detailed measurements we'd ever seen ahead of time and on Saturday morning we set up stall alongside silversmiths, artists and the Crop Club, ahead of spending the weekend meeting, selling and generally chilling out with coffee and delicious cakes!

We'd also like to thank the Knit2gether members who helped us to assemble the squares for the tree wrap ahead of time, and the Little Bird SOS Yarnjackers that helped on the day - we really appreciate you giving your time and skills to be with us.  And finally thank you to everyone that bought something from us - your contributions will enable us to continue to provide arts for health and wellbeing to people in the Leicestershire area.
For more garden photos, please head along to Jacqui's photo blog.