Free Tutorials

Finger Knitting
Our most popular tutorial.  Helps to improve dexterity and concentration and is very easy for children to master.

Rag Rugs :: Amish Knot Rugs
A popular and easy way to make rugs out of rags.  No tools needed, just your hands

Crafty Rags :: A Giant Crochet Basket
Another project using old rags to make a basket.  You will need to know how to crochet 'in the round' to make this item

Rag Rug Making :: A Homemade Extra Large Darning Needle
Made from a twig suitable for many craftmaking projects and particularly useful for aching hands when making an Amish Knot Rug (see above)

Felting Jumpers
A step by step guide on how to turn old jumpers into beautiful felt for your crafting projects

Japanese Quilting
A pictorial guide showing the beautiful art of making patchwork squares Japanese style.  With this technique, small squares are quilted as you go along as opposed to the traditional method of quilting after you have pieced together your patchworked quilt.

Knitted Finger Moustache
Surprise your friends with this simple knitted and felted moustache to wear on your finger

Mini Jubilee Bunting Tutorial
A bunting for any celebration.  We made ours for the Jubilee celebrations

Carrier Bag Bicycle Basket
We're not really a fan of overusing plastic bags, but when you have an accumulation, this is a great way of recycling them rather than chucking them out

Shaving Foam Marbling
A step by step guide, by Beth Jackson-D'Zacchaeus, that show's the fabulously easy guide to marbling paper with shaving foam!

Suffolk Puff Poppy Brooch
This tutorial shows you how to make a suffolk puff style poppy brooch.  From the free template you can make a red poppy for rememberance or a white poppy for peace.

Paper Flower Making
A paper flower tutorial.  Make colourful spring flowers from paper

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