Upcycling Unwanted Fabric :: Twisting Yarn

For this weeks session we showed participants how to create yarn from unwanted clothes and household linens with no specialist equipment.

We demonstrated a method of twisting yarn using just a pencil but before we did this participants were shown how to make yarn from household fabrics. There is a tutorial, on making this yarn on one of our posts about making Amish Knot Rugs. There is also another great tutorial here by Maria O'Keefe from Interweave

Once the yarn is made, the yarn can then be twisted using a pencil. We were inspired by American textile craft writer and educator Abby Franquemont who explains this method, here, using wool. The good thing about using fabric yarn, is that you can avoid 'drafting' a technique used by spinners to get a good even twist of yarn.

The yarn can be plied together i.e. two strands wrapped around each other, by taking two separate strands of twisted yarn and encouraging them to wrap around each other. This is achieve by twisting these separate strands, around a pencil, in the opposite direction, to how you twisted the single strands.

Your plied yarn can be used for a variety of project. We've picked off our favourites below:

Buttoned up Yarn Bowl Crochet Pattern by Simply Notable

Fabric Twine Spiral Mat by My Poppet Makes

Fabric Twine Bracelet by Sum of Their Stories

Rope Lampshade by Blog A La Carte

Fabric Wrapped Vase by Life Sew Savory

Weave a Boho T-shirt Rug with Easy DIY Loom by A Piece of Rainbow

Rag Bag Pattern by Amy from Knitting and Crochet

We hope this inspires you to have a go at twisting your own yarn. Check our website for future online events.